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Nice and Tasty, Bognor Regis

A small local unit became available, there was a lack of great coffee shops locally to us so we though why not. 

We run a number of successful businesses but at the time had no knowledge of running a coffee shop. We knew we wanted to offer great eat in facilities and a comprehensive menu which is also available for takeaways. A friend and local business owner suggested we call Martin Carwardine & Co as he has bought a number of Espresso machines in the past for his local restaurants.

After a few conversations over the telephone we decided we needed to go to the demonstration facility at Shillingstone in Dorset. It was fantastic, we used a machine and did lots of training. We bought our machine, grinder and barista tools. We tasted all the espresso coffee blends and decided the Luxury Espresso was the best for us. 

We installed the machine ourselves with the engineers phone support. 

After opening, Lucy came and did some top up training with us and checked the calibration of the machine and grinder. We have been delighted by the quality of the products and services supplied by Martin Carwardine & Co. We would definitely recommend them, just not to anyone too close.

If you'd like to contact us you can either email us niceandtasty2014@gmail.com or call us 01243 267 962