Old Brown Java


Indonesia is world renowned for its fine aged coffee. As the beans age, they turn from green to light brown and their flavour gains strength while losing acidity. This ageing process is designed to replicate an accidental effect discovered in the days when coffee was transported across the world in wooden trading ships, as ballast stored for sometimes years below sea level. A mulling effect would occur during the long sea voyage and it was discovered that European drinkers enjoyed the resulting low acidity and rich body of the coffee. Today, Indonesian coffee can be warehoused for up to three years, allowing the warm, damp climate to replicate this unique process. The classic aged Indonesian coffee, these dark and glossy beans create a superb thick, almost oily, brew. We Full City Roast (Strong) this Grade 1 coffee, grown above 1500 m.a.s.l. on the slopes of Java’s active volcanic mountains, to encourage its oils and sweet, smokey caramel flavour. Best enjoyed after dinner.

Additional Information

Flavour Strong
Decaffeinated No
Origin Indonesia
Time Evening

Old Brown Java
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