Monsooned Malabar


India is the fifth largest producer of Arabica coffee in the world. This particular coffee come Karnataka on the Western Ghats, the mountainous peninsula that runs almost parallel with the Western coast of India. The tropical climate of this area, as well as its rich humus soil content, provides ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. An earthy aroma of spice, smoke, tobacco and wood characterises arabicas from this region. This top-grade Cherry-AB arabica is also recognisable by its golden yellow colour, which it gains through a traditional ‘Monsooning’ ageing process. These beans are dry processed and then exposed, in 4-6 inch layers, to the moisture-laden monsoon winds that visit the West coast each year, from June to September. Like Old Brown Java, this is an ‘accidental coffee’.

The ‘Monsooning’ process is designed to replicate the mulling effect that occurred during shipping in the early days of coffee trading. In the 1800s, beans would be shipped overseas for months at a time. Whilst at sea, the beans would be stored below the water line as ballast and subsequently often received water damage from water leaking through the sides of the ship and the general humidity below deck. When the coffee reached Europe, its colour had changed from bright green to pale gold and its new crop acidity had disappeared. Coffee drinkers in Europe found the mellowed acidity of the transported coffee enjoyable and subsequently the effect began to be replicated. Full City Roasted (Strong), our Monsoon Malabar displays a smooth, full-bodied cup quality with a very low acidity. Very enjoyable for relaxed evening drinking.


Additional Information

Flavour Strong
Decaffeinated No
Origin India
Time Evening

Monsooned Malabar
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