Luxury Espresso


Deep, rich and buttery with a spicy aroma – Luxury Espresso is our best-selling espresso blend. Luxury Espresso is a unique blend of Indonesian, Ethiopian, Brazilian and Honduran arabicas; each element individually hand-roasted and carefully combined for a well-rounded overall flavour. The body of the blend is made up of City Roasted (Medium) Honduran and Brazilian arabica, for a base of caramel flavour. Darker roasted Brazilian Santos adds intense undertones and Indonesian Sumatran, a very high quality coffee, contributes a smooth and buttery finish. The final component is Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo, from the birthplace of coffee, which adds a fragrant and floral ‘pop’ to finalise this complex and delicious blend.

Additional Information

Flavour Medium
Decaffeinated No
Origin Four Locations
Time All day

Luxury Espresso
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