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Light Continental


For this coffee we use Strictly High Grown beans from a little group of smallholdings in the Capucas region of Honduras, which has a growing altitude of between 1,100 and 1,600 m.a.s.l. These ideal high-altitude growing conditions cause the beans to grow more slowly and densely, producing a consistent quality of bean and subsequently a higher quality of flavour. The aroma of Honduras SHG is clean and sweet, chocolatey with a subtle nutty flavour. We roast this creamy Central American arabica to Full City Roast (Dark) style, which harmonises its naturally rich body with its medium acidity. This superb brew is dark and rich with a caramel finish. Ideal for those who enjoy a full and potent coffee.

Additional Information

Flavour Strong
Decaffeinated No
Origin Honduras
Time Evening

Light Continental Blend
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