Kenya Peaberry


Specially graded beans, unique in both shape and exceptional flavour. This coffee is made up of only Peaberry coffee beans so called because, unlike a normal coffee cherry, they consist of one, more rounded stone. This washed arabica, produced by Jowam Coffee Traders Ltd, is grown at approximately 1600 - 1800 m.a.s.l. in a 520-acre farm in Rumukia, the Kirinyaga District of the Kenyan Highlands. The high altitude of this growing region makes for consistent bean size and, for the drinker, a superior quality cup. Extra care must be taken when roasting Peaberry beans because of their unusual shape. We carefully roast this delicious arabica at a slightly lower temperature than City Roast (Medium) to preserve its distinctively smooth and refreshing orange flavour, very typical of Kenyan coffees.

Additional Information

Flavour Mild
Decaffeinated No
Origin Kenya
Time Breakfast

Kenya Peaberry
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