Fairtrade Organic Swiss Water Decaffeinated - Espresso Roast


Natural ‘Green Coffee Extract’ and osmosis are all that’s required for this 100% chemical-free decaffeination process. Swiss Mountain Water is a blend of Organic Crop Improvement Association and Fairtrade Foundation approved arabicas from Peru, Ethiopia and Indonesia. At the Swiss Mountain Water Company headquarters, these finest quality coffee beans are washed in locally sourced water. ‘Green Coffee Extract’, made by bathing a prior batch of already decaffeinated coffee beans, is added to the beans in water. Because of the varying ratio of soluble compounds between the locally sourced water and the ‘Green Coffee Extract’, caffeine leaves the beans and moves into the Green Coffee Extract. This process is repeated through a carbon filter until all the caffeine has been trapped and extracted. Meanwhile, the beans take on additional coffee flavour from the Green Coffee Extract, resulting in a decaf of exceptional flavour. We carefully City Roast (Medium) this coffee to capitalise upon its flavour integrity, perfect for decaf espresso drinking.

Additional Information

Flavour Medium
Decaffeinated Yes
Origin Three locations
Time All day

Fairtrade Organic Swiss Water Decaffeinated - Espresso Roast
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