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Fairtrade Colombian


This Fairtrade Foundation certified Excelso washed arabica comes from Fairtrade Foundation approved producers in the mountainous Medellin region of Northwest Colombia. Colombian coffee is of the highest quality; its growing altitudes, volcanic soils, and tropical temperature and rainfall levels ensure its coffees are low in caffeine and acidity, and high in flavour. ‘Washed’ refers to a traditional processing method that further lessens the acidity of the beans to give them a smoother taste along with a rich aroma. ‘Excelso’ is a grading term specific to Colombia. Excelso coffee beans are large, with a screen size of 15-16. Medellin is one of the largest coffee growing areas in Colombia; its coffees have a medium body and are typically not as fruity/winey as coffees from other Colombian regions. We City Roast (Medium) this coffee for a well balanced cup that is mellow and smooth but with a full and satisfying finish. Perfect enjoyed at any time of day and 100% Fairtrade Foundation approved.

Additional Information

Flavour Medium
Decaffeinated No
Origin Colombia
Time All day

Fairtrade Colombian
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