Costa Rican Tarrazú


This famous Strictly Hard Bean Costa Rican is grown by a group of smallholdings on the Pacific slopes of the mountainous Tarrazú region in Costa Rica. Internationally, Costa Rican coffee beans are regarded to be some of the best in the world, if not the best, and the Tarrazú area is particularly celebrated for its volcanic soils and high altitudes. These shade-grown coffee cherries ripen slowly over long summer months, which leads to a denser bean and better quality of flavour. Tarrazú coffee has a naturally occurring velvet mouthfeel and sweet quality, perfect for all-day drinking. We very lightly roast these soft, special beans for an elegant brew that is sweet and medium bodied.

Additional Information

Flavour Mild
Decaffeinated No
Origin Costa Rica
Time Morning

Costa Rican Tarrazú
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