Pure Brazilian arabica from the world’s largest coffee producer. We roasted this coffee Full City Roast (Strong) for a strong, rich and caramelly brew. Grown in the mountainous southern half of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, which bears Brazil’s highest peak, this arabica is classified as ‘fine cup’ grade. This means coffee from each farmer has been filtered by size to leave only the larger matured beans for a more consistent and generally higher-quality flavour. This coffee is naturally processed meaning the beans are patio-dried while they are still in the cherry. Since the coffee is dried in contact with its sweet mucilage, its cup profile will be heavy in body with a strong sweet flavour. These beans are often already glossy when we receive them as their natural flavour oils have already begun to seep out. Literally bursting with flavour, Continental is the perfect option for those who enjoy a strong, flavoursome cup of coffee.

Additional Information

Flavour Strong
Decaffeinated No
Origin Brazil
Time Evening

Continental Blend
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