Colombian - Single Co-operative


This Single Co-op coffee comes from one group of smallholdings situated in the Tequendama Valley in central Colombia. The individual producers process their own coffees in the traditional fashion on their farms before selling their coffee to a local co-op, which then sells the coffee to bigger coffee companies. Price depends upon each crop’s precise quality. This coffee supports the co-op coffee buying system and by extension individual coffee farmers and independent coffee growing. The high-altitude Tequendama Valley sits at 1300-1800 m.a.s.l. – perfect growing conditions for the dense, slow grown beans that make the most flavoursome coffee. This particular arabica has an additional zesty aroma over the mellow acidity and caramel flavour of a classic Colombian. We City Roast (Medium) this coffee for a caramel tasting cup with a smooth finish; the perfect easy-going choice for anyone new to speciality coffee drinking.

Additional Information

Flavour Medium
Decaffeinated No
Origin Colombia
Time All day

Colombian - Single Co-operative
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