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Bean to Cup Machine Rental

Bean to cup machine

Do you have a passion for coffee and want a simple and easy way to offer your guests a creamy espresso, cappuccino and other coffee specialities? The Veloce is a barista that never has a bad day and will happily work overtime.

The Veloce is a fully automatic espresso coffee machine equipped with a high-quality espresso mechanism and grinder, developed to meet the standards for an excellent espresso with perfect crema. In addition to the bean hopper, the machine has three ingredient canisters for instant products, giving you the opportunity to offer up to ten different drinks. All you need is a 13amp plug socket and mains water supply.

The machine features a dual water system, one for espresso and one for instant products. This enables instant drinks to be mixed at the right temperature, giving you drinks of the highest quality.


1 bean hopper and 1 grinder 

3 ingredient canisters

Espresso mechanism

Single spout

600cc water tank

Dual water system

Push button panel

On-demand hot water button


It is all about exclusive design, flexible technology, energy-efficient operation and minimal environmental impact throughout the life of the machine. The Veloce empowers you with precision; precision in respect to brewing temperature, brewing time, grinding quality and recipes for serving unique coffee varieties with consistency.

Conveniently the machine uses natural dairy skimmed dried milk, so negating the requirement for the use of external fridges and extra requirements of looking after fresh milk correctly.

Bean to Cup Machine Rental Package: £95 (plus VAT) per month

This will get you up and running without the initial set-up costs of buying and installing all your own equipment. All we ask is for exclusive associated supply.

Only three months' initial rental and only one clear calendar month's notice required to quit.

You pay your monthly subscription and we take care of the rest. 

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