Brazilian Samba


Pure Brazilian arabica from the world’s largest coffee producer. This premium coffee, from the mountainous Minas Gerais state, is classified as 'fine cup' grade, which means coffee from individual farmers has been filtered by size to leave only the larger, more matured beans that produce a more consistent and generally higher-quality flavour. The Brazil 17/18 Samba is natural processed, meaning the beans are patio-dried while they are still in the cherry. Since the coffees are dried in contact with the sweet mucilage, the coffee's cup profile is heavier in body and sweeter. City Roasted (Medium), the brew is smooth with medium body and slightly more acidity then its Full City Roasted (Strong) sister coffee. This level of roast preserves the coffee’s naturally occurring chocolate and nutty flavour notes.

Additional Information

Flavour Medium
Decaffeinated No
Origin Brazil
Time All day

Brazilian Samba
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